Trauma Recovery Through the Body

We offer trauma-informed yoga classes, trainings, and education to facilitate healing trauma.

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BodyWise Foundation does this in 3 Ways:

Trauma-informed yoga classes

Helping individuals overcome trauma with access to free, trauma-informed yoga classes


Providing financial assistance to individuals with demonstrated need who volunteer with under-represented communities

Trauma Education

Providing trauma-informed yoga teacher trainings (TIYTT) and professional trainings to those on the front lines.


What's trauma and how does it impact someone?

 We define trauma as any experience that is overwhelming for the system.


What are body based modalities and how do they help heal trauma?

We define body based modalities as any physical movement practice or body awareness practice.

Learn More About Overcoming Trauma Through The Body

Clinical research studies reveal how trauma, and its resulting stress, impacts individuals body and brain. Fortunately, these studies are also demonstrating how to treat trauma using body-based modalities.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes Lead
To Significant Decreases in PTSD Symptoms

Trauma-informed yoga provides tools
for people to deal with emotional scars

How childhood trauma affects
health across a lifetime


More About the Foundation

Body Wise Foundation is a Baltimore-based nonprofit with a vision of trauma-informed yoga to trauma survivors in 25 major cities in the United States.