Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga

David Emerson is the Director of Yoga Services at the Trauma Center in Brookline Massachusetts, and founder of the Black Lotus Yoga Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the teaching of yoga to individuals with PTSD.

Mr. Emerson has extensive experience in the instruction of yoga with PTSD in various populations, and has developed and conducted yoga groups for several rape crisis centers, domestic violence programs, residential programs for youth, military bases, and Veterans Administration centers and clinics throughout the east coast of the United States. Mr. Emerson is the co-author of “Overcoming Trauma through Yoga”released in 2011 by North Atlantic Books.

n this interview, he discusses the rehabilitative role of physical movement, current research on the effects of yoga in recovery from trauma, the difficulties of placing blame in the context of inter-connection and how healing from past trauma begins in the present.

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