How does trauma-informed yoga help?

The body is a vehicle for communication and healing. Information flows throughout the systems of the body in channels of psychosomatic networks.

When an individual is traumatized, the natural flow is interrupted and energy cysts may develop, impeding the circulation of energy, information and nutrients. There are several ways body-based modalities can assist in unblocking energy, thawing frozen potential and paving the way to wellness on all levels.

Yoga practice, regulated and focused breathing, and meditation/mindfulness allow a settling-in to the body, a quieting of the mind and new growth in the brain. These practices, especially when woven together:

·      Improve resilience and help increase self-regulation

·      Improve self-esteem and increase concentration

·      Change reaction to triggers and offer management skills for physical and emotional symptoms

·      Help with emotional stability and assist in changing physiology so that physical symptoms are less intrusive

·      Bring attention/focus to the pre-frontal cortex and out of the amygdala where a lot of the fear response is located

·      Improve self control and encourage a positive shift in outlook, behaviors, and relationships

·      Offer a sense of safety and a “coming home” to the self in a new and welcomed way

·      Helps people regulate their lifestyle by experiencing greater self-awareness and connection to others

·      Helps people better sense their own bodies, reduce stress, and explore emotional/physical concerns on their own