$60 one trauma informed yoga class at an agency

Pledging this amount supports one trauma informed yoga class being placed at an agency. 

$480 an 8 week trauma informed yoga program placed in an agency

When you pledge this amount we are able to offer a complete 8 week program.


$700 offer a scholarship

When you make this generous donation, we are able to offer one scholarship placement at a training. These scholarships are awarded to people who come from an under represented community who want to serve their fellow community. 

$2,000 one year of trauma informed yoga classes at an agency

This pledge allows us to offer weekly trauma informed yoga classes at an agency for an entire year!


$4,500 build a professional development trauma training for the vocation of your choice

Whew! A lot goes into creating a new training. With this generous donation we are able to build a new trauma training for the audience of your choice.

When we build a new training our Director of Continuing Education (DoCE) interviews at least 5 people who work in the field (for example victim advocates). She then hires a victim advocate as our primary facilitator. The Primary Facilitator works in conjunction with our DoCE, and our Lead Trauma Mentor to create the ciriculim for the new training. The training is then submitted for approval with the appropraite governing agency as a professional development continuing education program. Our Program Manger then organizes, markets and is a liaison for students in our new training. 

Donation of your choice


Thank you for your donation!

100% of your money goes towards our cause of helping people with trauma work through their sufferings. Your help is greatly appreciated and will change someone’s life!