Body-Based Healing

Supporting individuals healing trauma with access to free trauma-informed yoga classes.



Clinical studies are proving that body-based movement practices can heal the neurological and biological impacts of trauma. At bodywise we support those impacted by trauma by providing free trauma-informed yoga classes.

We partner with agencies supporting those impacted by trauma. Collaboratively we offer free trauma informed yoga programming. If you are interested in bringing our program to your center contact:


Interested in facilitating our 8 week trauma informed yoga programs? Click here to apply to be part of our team.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

More and more research is showing the benefits of yoga for those struggling with trauma symptoms.

Trauma informed yoga is people informed yoga. Everyone has experienced some sort of trauma, big or small, as well as general stress, and both can impact our ability to feel safe, grounded and present.

BodyWise Trauma-informed Yoga

How Movement And Body-Based Practices Can Help You Heal Trauma

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris explains how as children exposure to adverse experiences affects brain development and health outcomes (for example, if you have been exposed to enough adversity as a child, you are at higher risk for a heart attack as an adult). Clinical research studies continue to affirm how in an adult trauma, adversity, on going toxic stress, and single impact events can result in physiological changes.For some people these changes impact their ability to live a normal life. And others, may be unaware of the changes that have occurred in their brain and body. Fortunately, studies are also demonstrating that we can heal trauma through movement, mindfulness, and body based practices. "Click here" to learn more about trauma and how we can heal the neurological and biological impact of trauma.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes Lead To Significant Decreases in PTSD Symptoms.

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