Our International Program brings trauma training and resolution methods to organizations working in developing countries around the world.  Our teams of Trauma Specialists travel to train the crisis and community providers that work and live onsite serving trauma survivors. 

Each initiative is tailored to be culturally sensitive and as effective as possible. We collaborate with International Experts and Trauma Specialists to design each initiative.

Through strategic partnerships we are able to empower and elevate the efficacy of the work that is already being done in country, in various communities.  Our aim is to address the long term psychological, neurological, and physiological impact of the overwhelming events many survivors experience. We understand that whilst removing girls from sex trafficking, feeding them, educating them, and clothing them is an incredible effort: a trauma resolution component may be necessary to alleviate the longterm effects of compounded trauma

Our first project supported crisis workers and community health providers that serve Female Genital Cutting survivors in West Africa.