The Research

BodyWise Foundation is thrilled to share that we have partnered with the VA (Veterans Administration) to conduct our pilot research protocol.  After the completion of our pilot we will launch our first panel study including 200 participants in various agencies across the country

While there has been a wealth of research on yoga, only one randomized controlled trial (RCT) has been published, on trauma informed yoga. The publication showed positive findings in a small sample of women (van der Kolk, et al. 2014). 

Our research initiative at the BodyWise Foundation aims to build on this powerful, foundational work by van der Kolk and colleagues. Our aim is to further evaluate the treatment efficacy of Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY) in several populations, and to identify the specificity of TIY for treatment, compared to traditional forms of yoga. 

 TIY as an intervention employees several key components targeted to treat individuals with complex/trauma history. Key elements of TIY that facilitate symptom improvement include regulating the nervous system, promoting body awareness/interoception, invitational as well as non judgmental language. 

Participants are randomized into treatment groups to receive either first either eight weeks of trauma informed yoga therapy (TIY) or an active control, such as traditional yoga (hatha). Because we believe in the healing powers of Trauma Informed Yoga, all of our research participants, including the control groups, will receive a full 8-weeks of Trauma Informed Yoga treatment.

Want to contribute? 

If you are a studio, agency, or facilitator that would like to be involved please click here to be sent more information.