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Trauma-Informed Care: Body-Based Healing for Survivors of Crime  

Millions of people become victims of crime every year. As a direct result, crime victims suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma that can last a lifetime if unaddressed. Victim Advocates play an important role in advocating for victims’ rights within the criminal justice system and connecting survivors to long-term services. This training explores body based healing as it applies to Victim Advocates working with victims of crime in a variety of capacities.


Participants will be able to....

  • define and identify types of trauma

  • understand the prevalence of trauma and crime on diverse populations

  • understand the impact of trauma on crime victims

  • foster resilience through body-based practices

  • identify vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout in their own work and use skills to more effectively take care of themselves

This training will support Victim Advocates in their own self regulation and self-care. Advocates will leave this training with practical tools that can be used with survivors to create a trauma-informed space to empower victims on their journey from victim to survivor.

Register for the Conference: To attend the four-day training event, please register through the conference website.